Does God Ever Change His Mind?

Can there be any better way to start the day than with a good, old-fashioned child sacrifice? You would have to assume that, unlike mere mortals with their limited knowledge and wisdom, God NEVER changes His mind. Why would He? If you have infinite wisdom and limitless information, you would always be right the first […]

Religious Roulette

Most religions claim to be the “only true religion that reflects the will of God.” However, because they espouse variant doctrines, they clearly can’t all be correct in their claims. At least all but one of them is a waste of your time. But it is also entirely possible that all of them are wasting […]

Did Jesus Die for E.T.’s Sins?

Exoplanets are being discovered with increasing frequency. To date, roughly 4,000 exoplanets have been discovered and are considered “confirmed.” Approximately another 3,000 exoplanets are still considered “possible detections” awaiting further data for confirmation.  Complex, chiral organic molecules (such as, my favorite, propylene oxide) have been detected in deep interstellar space.  Sooner or later, there will […]

Why I Stopped Praying

A Texas drought taught me that praying was a colossal waste of time. I stopped praying when I was in elementary school. I was still at a tender age when it became clear to me that praying was, at best, a colossal waste of time and, possibly, a clumsy insult to any god that might […]

Litmus Tests for Faith

Reason is the enemy of faith! Every religion is essentially a kind of “club.”  Like a lot of clubs, religions require evidence of your fealty to the club. They want you to pay your dues (they call it tithing”). Religions all have litmus tests which they use to evaluate how well “you are drinking the Kool […]

The Hidden Message of The Wizard of Oz

Inspiration comes at odd times and often from unexpected sources. Insights come at odd times and from unexpected sources. My religious belief began to erode early. The classic children’s film, “The Wizard of Oz,” was an early contributor to then erosion of my religious faith. There is a scene when Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly […]

You Are (Almost) an Atheist!

You’re (almost) an atheist!But don’t fret. You’re in good company! I am an atheist. I don’t believe in a god or gods. Even if you are devoutly religious, if you stop and think about it for a moment, you will realize that your beliefs concerning deities are nearly identical to mine.  There are innumerable gods […]

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