Unfortunately, in America “Black Lives Matter” is more of a rallying cry than it is a truth black Americans can depend on.  I support the Black Lives Matter movement. Since no one here knows my real identity, I suppose I should let you know that I am not a black person. I am, however, an […]

Bring Back the Miscegenation Laws!

Barely more than half a century ago it was still illegal in sixteen states for people of different races to marry or to cohabitate.  But in its ruling in the case of Virginia v. Loving, the United States Supreme declared that Virginia’s anti-miscegenation laws violated the equal protection clause of the United States Constitution.  That historic and long overdue decision, […]

We Are NOT All Created Equal!

There is no way these two men are equal! The cornerstone of American democracy, the premise that all men are created equal, is a blatant lie. Let’s set aside for the moment that America has been shamefully slow in living up to the proposition that everyone should be TREATED EQUALLY under the law. The assertion […]

The Dumbest Idea of All: RACIAL PRIDE

Racial Pride: The Dumbest Idea Ever! It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about Black, Latino, Aryan or Polish Pride, any kind of racial pride is a terrible, corrosive idea. Racial pride is idiotic and a gateway to racism.  None of us picked our race. Each of us just awoke one fine morning during in […]

I Am NOT a Self-Made Man!

I am not a self-made man! Some who have known me for a long time say that I am “a self made man.” They mean it as a compliment. They believe this about me because I grew up poor and later became rich without resorting to crime or winning the lottery.  They are wrong about […]

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