Our Tribal Hearts and the Pernicious Herd Mentality

Evolution provided us with a lot more than a bipedal gait, opposable thumbs and dentition appropriate for an omnivorous diet. It also provided us with a behavioral repertoire that aided our survival during the arduous, lean years that span most of human history. But some of those behaviors are now counterproductive and could easily lead [...]

How Did You React When You Were Told How Babies Are Made?

I remember the day my dad decided to burden me with the ugly truth about how babies are made. I was only 10 years old at the time and not yet the least bit interested in making any babies.  Immediately after breakfast my dad asked me to join him in the living room. He shooed [...]

Did You Ever Have a Wife or a Girlfriend Who Was a Stripper?

Did you ever have a wife or a girlfriend who I never had any “serious” emotional involvement with a stripper, but my first wife went through a brief phase during which she wanted to be a stripper (at least on a part-time basis).  One day after work my wife and I found ourselves trapped in [...]

Shy Bladder Syndrome in Tokyo

Granny-san at Narita Airport Not so long ago an Asian chick I had never met went out of her way to get a good long look at my cock.  I was in Narita Airport outside Tokyo. Nature called so I found a men’s room and went in for a much needed urination.  The men’s room [...]

Hotspank Dating Services

Call the Hotspank Dating Service today at 1 800 BIG TITS ! Life in the fast lane is not everything it was cracked up to be. It’s not all fine dining, theater, champagne and cake. There are long hours in the office, rude cab drivers, airports, lost luggage and jet lag to deal with.  Worst [...]

Don’t Ever Buy Your Candy Based Upon the Appeal of the Wrapper!

Never buy your candy for the wrapper! I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but buying candy based on the wrapper is one that I have avoided. Yes, I’ve had canoodled and even had brief relationships with lots of drop dead gorgeous women, and all of my serious relationships and tax-deductible victims were [...]

What’s a Nice Muslim Girl Like You Doing in a Swimsuit Like This?

What’s a nice Muslim girl like you doing in a swimsuit like this? The woman now known as Mrs. Hornibastard #3 (we will call her “Anisa” in this story) was born and raised in an overwhelmingly Muslim village among the terraced rice paddies of East Java. Like everyone else in her village, she was accustomed [...]

An Encounter with Cute Chinese Schoolgirls

Cute but perverted Chinese Schoolgirls Before you reach for the Crisco (or whatever your preferred wanking lubricant might be) I should warn you that my encounter with four cute Chinese schoolgirls was not exactly what dreams are made of. Don’t get me wrong. The young Chinese schoolgirls were very cute, but they were “little girl [...]

The Joy of Getting Hard

the “fitness” half of my man cave Every day I spend some quality “me time” getting hard in my man cave. It’s a habit I have maintained since I was in my teens.  So far, my daily pleasure of getting hard has paid handsome dividends in my health, my appearance, my self confidence and my [...]

What If . . . ?

Can you imagine? Are humans a race of intelligent beings or just a tribe of dirty, simple-minded idiots? On the one hand, humans have unlocked the secrets of nature, sent robotic emissaries to the farthest reaches of our solar system, they have written magnificent symphonies and painted incredible images. They have invented cellphones, the Hubble [...]

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