Yellow Fever!

Yellow Fever is an affliction that has been rapidly spreading around the world.  I became one of its victims in the 1990s.  I lived in Asia for 14 years and spent considerable additional time traveling in Asia. It is unsurprising that with all that exposure I eventually contracted Yellow Fever.  It’s unlikely that I will […]

Sex on the Beach

Seaside sex is often depicted in films and in travel brochures as if it were your wet dream come true.  You might spend a lot of time and effort scoping out the perfect romantic spot, an isolated beach cove with crystal blue waters, limestone cliffs and palm trees swaying in a gentle breeze. You can […]

Hotspank Dating Services

Call the Hotspank Dating Service today at 1 800 BIG TITS ! Life in the fast lane is not everything it was cracked up to be. It’s not all fine dining, theater, champagne and cake. There are long hours in the office, rude cab drivers, airports, lost luggage and jet lag to deal with.  Worst […]

Don’t Ever Buy Your Candy Based Upon the Appeal of the Wrapper!

Never buy your candy for the wrapper! I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but buying candy based on the wrapper is one that I have avoided. Yes, I’ve had canoodled and even had brief relationships with lots of drop dead gorgeous women, and all of my serious relationships and tax-deductible victims were […]

I am a Gentleman!

A gentleman will occasionally canoodlemoderately unattractive women just to be polite. I may be a lot of horrible things. But despite all of my foibles, I am, at least, a gentleman.  As a gentleman, I have been known to occasionally canoodle moderately unattractive women just to be polite.  You know how it goes. You’re out […]

The True Allure of the Spice Islands

This is the true allure of the Spice Islands. The “Spice Islands” refers to a group of islands in eastern Indonesia including Ambon, Halmahera, Buru, Seram, Tanimbar, Seram and Ternate. According to history, the Spice Islands became known to 16th century European merchants and traders who sent mariners on voyages to collect nutmeg, mace and […]

The One That Got Away

(Not Sandy . . . but a very similar look) Many people (both men and women) spend their lives wondering about “the one that got away.” I’m among those who still dreams of and pines for “the one that got away.” Her name was “Sandy.”  The photograph above is not of Sandy. Unfortunately, I don’t […]

Are Women Evil?

Women should come with warning labels. Women should come with warning labels attached. This much should be obvious to anyone. Women are dangerous.  They are devious.   Many have suspected for years that women are downright evil. Well, thanks to the wonders of A.I., we now have mathematical proof that women are, indeed, evil. Step 1. It […]

Legally, it’s Highly Questionable. Morally, it’s Reprehensible. Personally, I Really Love It!

Legally, it’s questionable.Morally, it’s reprehensible.Personally, I love it! I’m old enough to be my wife’s father. We have children. I am easily old enough to be their grandfather. For years … OK, for decades … I’ve chased down and canoodled women who were not in my league (age-wise). Some people think my choice to get […]

When Loves Requires Saying “Goodbye”

Sometimes love means saying “Goodbye.” I’m a douche bag. I know this about myself and I am prepared to admit it. Despite my sordid reputation, I have not always consorted exclusively with women as disreputable as I am. Although it may come as a shock, I have also been romantically involved with plenty of women […]

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